Group limiter or alliances prohibiter


1 Сентябрь 2018

This plugin is already made but the author doesn't support it so... It would be lovely to see one similar.

This plugin could be really good and cool if someone makes it.

Plugin description:
This plugin controls maximum size of groups of players on the server, and can control authorization in tool cupboards, turrets, codelocks.

--> Plugin will check Clans. If a player is in clan and he's playing with a player without clan, it'll be logged and the player without clan will take damage as long as he isn't inside the clan. (This can be changed in config with something like <--> Hurt player if alliance without having clan: true / false --- Hurt player with clan if doing alliance with one without clan: true / false)

--> Checks along of radius of the number of players who are together. If there are more players than the number specified in the configuration file, then after a period of time specified in config, the player that shouldn't be in the group / clan, can take damage configured in config or teleported to home. (Hurt player: true / false -- Hurt clan player: true / false)

--> The radius will check if players are in the same clan. This will be logged. This radius is the most important part, it should have different config parts:
- Radius Size:
- Hurt players inside the radius without clan(if playing with players with clan):
- Hurt players inside the radius with clan(if playing with players without clan):
- Check friends:

--> If a maximum number of people are authorized in tool cupboard, turret, codelocks, all authorization attempts will be logged and displayed in the chat for players with admin privilege. (Authorization check can be changed in config <--> Check player authorizations: true / false )

--> The plugin might contain a graphical interface (shown to players if there are more players than allowed), as well as a flexible configuration in english.

--> You can add whatever you want that could improve plugin functions!


I found this config file that could be helpful

  "Общие Настройки": {
    "Использовать ли проверку по радиусу": true,
    "Команда очистки авторизованных для игроков": "/clear",
    "Максимальный размер группы игроков": 1,
    "Радиус зоны проверки": 10.0,
    "Частота проверок": 1.0,
    "Разрешённое время нахождения рядом": 20.0,
    "Наносимый урон за раз": 0.01,
    "Привилегия для просмотра сообщений в чате": "teamguard.log",
    "Формат сообщений в чате": "[#f46600][TeamGuard][/#] {0}",
    "Выводить ли сообщения о нанесении урона в чат?": false
  "Настройки GUI": {
    "Использовать ли графическую панель?": true,
    "Минимальный отступ": "0 0.355",
    "Максимальный отступ": "1 0.655",
    "Цвет фона": "0.30 0.01 0.01 0.80",
    "Размер шрифта": 16
  "Проверка администраторов": {
    "Игнорировать администраторов при проверке?": false,
    "Необходимый уровень AuthLevel для игнорирования": 2
  "Список зон, в которых не нужно вести проверку": [
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26 Июль 2018

"This plugin is already made but the author doesn't support it so... It would be lovely to see one similar."


23 Май 2018
As you know i have LimitAuthorization. If you need i go update it and doing some. Write that are you want see


1 Сентябрь 2018
You'll need to add many functions if you wanna implement it. I mean, I wanna have a plugin that detects if players are doing alliances, with options to choose the alliance type.