Flea market/auction plugin


2 Октябрь 2018
A player driven market which is accessable through vending machines and vendors in Outpost/Bandit Camp using pretty CUI.

1. Player list item to sell for x scrap which last 48 hours. x price lowers until someone accept the price (dutch auction) over 48 hours.

current_price = initialprice - initialprice/(48/hours_after_set)
if current price = 0 => destroy item
* Player may use alternative currency (uMod - Economics by Wulf) instead of Scrap.

* The market can be sorted by categories and pages if there are too many items to be displayed.

* Listed item contains its durablity, skin and attachments.

* Item bought is inserted straight into their inventory.

* Some mechanic to list and set price of items

2. Seperate but same principle for selling Scrap for economics only.
According to an algo this set the exchange rate for scrap/economics when using economics to buy player listed items.

3. Buttons showing when interacting with vending machine/vendor:
- [Flea Market] -> open CUI market listings
- [Exchange] -> open CUI orderbook to buy/sell scrap for economics
- [other] (Some other stuff i will add later)
- [other2] (Some other stuff i will add later)

Performance is priority.

Edit: Solved
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