[paid] Help make pictures that will be used for team selection screen plugin (CUI)


2 Октябрь 2018
The plugin with CUI is already made.
What we need is a beautiful picture (or pictures) for player to select their team, Cobalt Inc. vs The Bandits

This is sort of what I want it to look like:

Doesn't need to be those pictures, but it would be ideal if it's possible (with photoshop skills) to:
fix the blue cobalt picture:
- correct broken parts and make it smooth

and edit the right on:
  • replace text (Cobalt with Bandits)
  • replace logos with some bandit logo or something
picture for neutral box that looks nice and fit with the rest of the color palette, should be gray-ish.

"2 vs 2" is supposed to indicate online players on each team.

Let me know if you have other ideas.