Block Upkeep if too hight


24 Май 2020
Hello, not having found a corresponding plugin, I ask you.

Plugin name: ManagerUpkeep


Block the number of resources in the TC taking into account the value of decay.upkeep_period_minutes which I defined at 1440.
This value will not change in the future.

The TC stack can be defined in the configuration file and must be compatible with the StackSizeController plugin.

EG: with your plugin, I define the stack in x4, the stacksizecontroller plugin is defined on x2 so the stacksizecontroller plugin should not modify the value x4 for the TC

Block resources that are not necessary for the upkeep (fabric, gunpowder, animal fat, leather, etc.)

Example: the plugin authorizes 15k (this must include all resources, wood, stone, metal fragment, hqm).
The player puts:
5k stone, 8k metal, 1k hq and 1k wood
if he tries to add resources then we block and send him a message.

Price: free or paid (within reason)... I have little money...

hoping my request is clear enough ^^

Thank you !

Contact: dm me here